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Grain from the Ukrainian war zone will be exported

In Ukraine's Zaporizhzhya region, which is partly under Russian control, an agreement has been reached to allow grain to be sold abroad.

The issue of Ukrainian grain has been discussed for some time. Ukraine has previously accused Russia of stealing grain from the war-occupied territory. Russia denies this accusation, so we can only speculate as to where the truth lies. However, there are now reports that an agreement has been reached to allow the sale of grain to other countries.

The grain will go mainly to the Middle East

According to Yevgeny Balitsky, head of the Russian-imposed Zaporizhzhya region administration, the grain will go primarily to Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia. It is said that there is even a contract to supply 150 000 tonnes of grain to Iraq.

He also spoke on the subject of prices.

“Prices are not bad at the moment. The farmer gets around $200 per tonne of grain, which is great because his cost of production is around $120, even taking into account the long storage time that has been forced.”

Wheat field on the background of the map of Ukraine

By comparison, Russian wheat prices were at $375 per tonne late last week. In order to speed up grain deliveries, 300 railway wagons will be sent to region in addition to trucks. Yevgeny Balitsky commented on this as follows.

“The railway is not yet working in large volumes, until recently we had only 11 wagons.”

The situation regarding Ukrainian grain is complex and there are a large number of reports with often contradictory information. As this is quite an important topic, we recommend reading our earlier articles related to this topic, which are Britain wants to help ukraine with grain exports and Huge quantities of grain cannot get out of ukraine.

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