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Depression vs recession – what is the difference?

Depression vs recession – what is the difference?

It is important to know how recession and depression differ from each other. It is also important to know they are a part of the economy and business cycle.

The Fed plans to reduce its balance sheet

At its last meeting, the US Fed indicated it would reduce its massive bond holdings by a maximum of $95 billion a month.

Russia is facing bankruptcy

There is a real risk that Russia is facing bankruptcy. Banks have refused to process dollar repayments to creditors.
Will UK follow Germany with Gazprom changes?

Will UK follow Germany with Gazprom changes?

Gazprom's British subsidiary said its future appeared more secure after Germany took the step of taking over its subsidiary in its country.

Russian ruble and stocks are rising

The Russian ruble and the Russian stock index MOEX are rising and erasing their losses incurred due to the war conflict in Ukraine.

Will Europe be in recession?

Manufacturing sector could slip into recession this quarter. It's caused by Russian invasion, combined with the deeping cost-of-living crisis.

Another notch in the global supply chain

The anti-pandemic closure of Shanghai will have a negative impact on freight transport and increase its costs.

US short-term yields rise to fresh cycle highs

Wednesday's risk-on sentiment helped to push the two-year yield to new highs as traders continue to price in soaring inflation.

Statistical, technical & behavioral analysis of US Dollar

The current uncertainties in the geopolitical area could play an important role in the further development of the US dollar.

The “financial nuclear weapon” – what is SWIFT and how can its sanctions affect Russia

The recent events connected to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia spurred a debate about SWIFT ban for Russia as one of the sanctions.

Inflation – definition, cycles, and opportunities

Inflation is one of the main macroeconomic drivers of the financial markets. Here is everything that you need to know about it.

US Banks Turn Bearish on US Bonds

The uptrend in US yields seems unstoppable as more and more investors are selling bonds.

Video: FED scandal explained – possible insider trading?

The Federal Reserve is one of the most important financial institutions in the whole world. That however does not mean that it does not have its own problems and scandals.