• NFLX
    320.4 USD 9.01%
  • NVDA
    271.94 USD 2.73%
  • TSLA
    192.24 USD 0.56%
  • SP500
    3949.11 USD 0.3%
  • META
    204.3 USD 2.24%
  • MSFT
    277.69 USD 1.97%
  • BRKA
    452795.28 USD -0.64%
  • T
    18.46 USD 0.38%
  • ADBE
    369.04 USD 2.02%
  • MMM
    101.01 USD -0.53%
  • AMZN
    98.72 USD 0.01%
  • AAPL
    158.95 USD 0.7%
Can debt be good for personal finance?

Can debt be good for personal finance?

Is debt really that bad? Are loans worth taking? This post explains how debt may benefit one's finances.

Investro Tea: Week #25

Today we will look at news from the technology realm mainly focusing on the automotive, aviation and semiconductor industries.

Investro Tea: Week #24

The world is slowly recovering from a global pandemic and returning to normal. Unemployment levels in the USA have reached the pre-pandemic ones and tourist season is slowly, but steadily, beginning in Europe.

CPI rose to 5% in May – What to expect

The year-on-year change in CPI reaches a whopping 5.0% in May. This, too, has been caused by massive monetary and fiscal stimulus.

Investro Tea: Week #23

Last week, Japan embarked on a journey of large investments in the field of the semiconductor chip industry. However, the US is not lagging behind. What else has the last week brought us? Let's take a look.

Investro Tea: Week #22

Another week is here and with it another Investro Tea. This time we will talk about the ongoing computer chip shortage, power outages in Iran, and successful flights into space.

Investro Tea: Week #21

Last week has been a turbulent one not only in the investment world, but mostly in the world of cryptocurrencies. Be that as it may, you have probably read about the plunge of the cryptocurrency market already, so let’s now take a look at other important events that you may have missed.

The rise in inflation exceeds analysts’ expectations

Inflation in the US surprised and grew at an unprecedented pace yesterday. Analysts appear to have underestimated possible scenarios. The Core CPI was expected to grow very fast, even the most in this millennium.

How do trading styles differ?

Every trader is differently oriented and prefers different style of trading that fits his personality, time availability and traded instruments. See the article below for the main styles of trading that mostly differ based on how long trader intends to hold his open position.