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EUR/AUD continues upward – more space to rise ahead?

EUR/AUD broke a several-week-long consolidation, which opened doors for a new upward move of around 500 pips.

The decisions of central banks to lift interest rates brought some serious volatility to financial markets. This probably helped the currency pair EUR/AUD to break from its weeks-old consolidation, and continue in its already-begun uptrend.

EUR/AUD weekly timeframe analysis

A few weeks ago, the currency pair broke out above a level 1.527 and did an exemplary pullback. EUR/AUD clearly rejected the moving average (EMA200), using it just as a temporary stop. OsMA indicator also pointed out that the market may be ready to jump higher. 

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Now that the breakout is confirmed with a massive engulfing pattern, we may see the uptrend continue for a few weeks. The next stop is probably around 1.62, which is the closest resistance. However, it could eventually rise to even 1.643, or even higher. 


EUR/AUD weekly chart, author’s analysis, source:

EUR/AUD daily timeframe analysis

Now it’s important to have a good entry as we can assume which direction it will go with strong probability. Next week, traders could use the opportunity to jump into a buy position when the currency pair retraces back down to support, where there is also a trend line. 

Thus, the best entry in a long trade would be at approximately 1.570. It may take a few days for EUR/AUD to get there, but the traders need to be patient. Inconsiderate entries could easily lead to losses. 


EUR/AUD daily chart, author’s analysis, source:

Final thoughts

As the euro gains momentum against all other currencies, the probability of EUR/AUD rising is very high. For example, EUR/USD jumped from just 0.955 to 1.07 in 10 weeks. Fighting against the trend now will not be a good idea.

Wait for a corrective move downward and use it as an opportunity to jump into a long position if you agree the uptrend is likely to continue. There will surely be a chance for a good entry on the 4H or 1H timeframe in a few days. But most importantly, don’t forget to use stoploss. Managing risk is a number one priority.

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