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Lords of the markets: Alexander Elder

The world of business and finance has seen a considerable number of successful and inspiring personalities. It must be said that many of them have incredible stories behind. We would like to gradually introduce you to at least some of them who, in our opinion, belong to the imaginary Olympus of Finance and who deserve your attention.

In the following stories of these personalities, you will find something valuable that you will take away from the point of view of understanding the world of finance. First will be about Dr. Alexander Elder.

Dr. Alexander Elder was born in the former Soviet Union, more specifically in Leningrad. Subsequently, he grew up in where he also began studying medicine as a teenager. He then worked as a ship’s doctor. After anchoring his ship in Africa, he took the opportunity to flee the ship to later gain political asylum in the United States, where he also currently lives. He worked here for several years as a psychiatrist. He used his knowledge of human psychology and the heart of reasoning when he entered the world of business. Today, he lectures at various conferences and is a member of several trade associations and above all he is a highly respected professional trader and author of bestsellers in this field.

He is rightfully considered one of the best traders in the world, his books are considered the best of their kind, namely Come into My Trading Room: A Complete Guide to Trading , which was evaluated as Barron’s Book of the Year. Entries & Exits: Visits to 16 Trading Rooms , The New Sell & Sell Short: How to Take Profits, Cut Losses , and Benefit from Price Declines . However, the absolute bestseller is The New Trading for a Living . This book can certainly be included in the basic literature of millions of traders around the world. It is from this book that we would like to publish its first passage:

“You can be free. You can live and work anywhere in the world. You can be independent from routine and not answer to anybody. This is the life of a successful trader. Many aspire to it but few succeed. An amateur looks at a quote screen and sees millions of dollars sparkle in front of his face. He reaches for the money—and loses. He reaches again—and loses more. Traders lose because the game is hard, or out of ignorance, or from lack of discipline. If any of these ail you, I wrote this book for you.” Elder, Alexander. Trading for a Living: Psychology, Trading Tactics, Money Management. default Dr. Alexander Elder, Source:

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