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DeFi Sunday: Uniswap launches new version of V3

Starting May 5, 2021, the Uniswap V3 modification is to come to the Ethereum main network. Its main intent is to help with the problem of "liquidity concentration" in the future. The overall improvement brings up to 4,000 times better capital efficiency.

Uniswap Labs has set off to improve its capabilities in the areas of liquidity supply, capital efficiency, and the quality of execution of trades. This adjustment was necessary due to the increased participation in crypto exchanges among competing projects. Hayden Adams, as the founder of Uniswap Labs, said that V3 will be a critically important protocol in the field of decentralized finance.

History of Uniswap

Uniswap is a relatively new project that was introduced by Hayden Adams on November 2, 2018. This project did not receive more support until 2019 when Paradigm Capital invested more than $ 1 million in the Uniswap project. Another progress came in 2020 when other companies and private investors invested about $ 11 million. In May 2020, Uniswap introduced the V2 version, which brought with it new features and optimizations. New features included smart loans, protection from hacker attacks, and the overall improvement of the system’s robust infrastructure. The V3 version brings better capital efficiency, easier business execution, overall better cooperation, and even cheaper fees than the V2 version.

Disadvantages of Uniswap

When it comes to the disadvantages of Uniswap, we must mention the possible transaction rejection due to low liquidity one might face. In most cases, this only occurs with new and small tokens, however, larger tokens should remain unaffected. Another possible issue is that the transaction may fail due to low fees for miners. You can get to Uniswap practically with any ERC-20 token, so there are a lot of dubious and speculative tokens you should be careful about. There are many fraudulent tokens that are worthless, benefiting from the ignorance of the people who fall into the trap of buying them.

Uniswap exchange

Thanks to the popularity of decentralized finance and the overall support of the community, Uniswap is one of the largest and most used decentralized exchanges. Overall, Uniswap has significantly contributed to the world of DEFI, and we can expect that if the popularization of this field increases, so will the popularity of the "UNI" token and the overall usability of the Uniswap exchange. After all, only a few years ago, no one knew what the Uniswap Exchange was. Today, people from the “crypto world” are aware of Uniswap capabilities and can see its potential for development and growth.

Jakub is a crypto trader and founder of Trader 2.0 project, which helps hundreds of traders from central Europe to understand cryptocurrency trading and its challenges. Jakub not o...


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