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Coinbase will bring purchases via Apple Pay

The cryptocurrency exchange has announced that they will add the popular Apple Pay to their cryptocurrency purchase options. But that's not all!

The integration of one of the most popular payment instruments is an important step

The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced through its blog post that they will include Apple Pay among the payment options for the purchase of cryptocurrencies on their platform. In addition, the company has in the past avoided applications connected to the world of cryptocurrencies, so this is an interesting change in general sentiment. It is important to understand that the cryptocurrency market is still young, and any facilitation of entry can significantly accelerate adoption.

Coinbase logo with Bitcoins Coinbase logo with Bitcoins, Source:

In addition, the novelty comes at a time when we are seeing a very positive sentiment in the market, and the prices of cryptocurrencies are rising again. Investors are literally flocking to the market after a long time, and the data clearly show that the pressure to buy is significantly stronger than the pressure to sell. Similarly, the positive news is coming from across the market, so many analysts predict that the current situation may persist for some time.

Coinbase expands its current range of services

Already in June, the company introduced the possibility of connecting their crypto payment card to Apple Pay and Google Pay services. This was a welcomed move as users can now take advantage of crypto payments worldwide. However, there was still no way to buy through Apple Pay, which is currently considered one of the most trusted digital wallets. Users will thus not have to go through unnecessarily lengthy processes to purchase cryptocurrencies. The feature is expected to launch in the fall, and this will bring the access to a simple purchase of cryptocurrencies to 150 million users in 40 countries.

Apple Pay logo on the screen Apple Pay logo on the screen, Source:

The new service is part of Coinbase's efforts to add newer and more secure purchase options. The system will work on any device with the iOS operating system with the option of Apple Pay, or in the Safari browser. In addition, the company offers instant withdrawals of up to $ 100,000 per transaction through a system called Real-Time Payments (RTP). The process is available on the platform 24/7 and should offer not only speed, but also lower fees.

There are also other interesting news planned

Coinbase also announced that they are working to add also Google Pay option. This feature should be added during the year. The key focus of the exchange thus remains the provision of the widest possible range of options for the purchase of cryptocurrencies. It already allows buying through Visa and Mastercard in more than 20 countries around the world and plans to expand the list of these countries in the future.

The Coinbase application for the calculation of tax liability in individual countries is very popular and is becoming important mainly due to the tightening of regulations against exchanges, but also against cryptocurrency users themselves. The exchange also decided to purchase Zabo, a cryptocurrency data aggregator that connects financial applications and platforms with crypto exchanges, wallets and protocols via an API. The platform also provides an API that connects to crypto accounts on exchanges and tracks asset balances along with transaction history.

Slavomír is working in the field of cryptocurrencies since 2018. As a Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Dollero Technology, which is currently developing a crypto exchange ...


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