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Can ChatGPT help Microsoft’s Bing beat Google?

Microsoft wants to use ChatGPT to improve Bing, which could be a stronger competitor for Google. AI wars have just begun.

ChatGPT acquired a million users in just a few days since its launch on November 30th. In January, it already had over 100 million users. ChatGPT is undeniably a game-changer in the tech industry, and Microsoft may have plans to use it to its advantage.Β 

chatgpt users

Time to reach 100 million users in months, source:

ChatGPT and Microsoft

Bing, Microsoft’s long-neglected search engine, will soon include ChatGPT, the product of years of secret work. Microsoft’s current Bing business is rather insignificant compared to Google’s. On Tuesday, Microsoft demonstrated how it plans to incorporate the ChatGPT chatbot technology into Bing, a move that is likely sending Alphabet (Google) into a panic.

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