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Best stock market podcasts: List of TOP 10 podcasts you need to follow

Discover the top 10 stock market podcasts to sharpen your investing skills. Stay updated on trends and gain valuable insights from experts.

For individuals interested in the stock market, podcasts offer an incredibly valuable resource. By listening to these audios, enthusiasts can expand their knowledge, stay up-to-date on current trends, and even glean insights from industry experts. 

To help stock market aficionados make the most of this medium, a list of 10 outstanding podcasts has been compiled below. Let’s jump right in.

1. We Study Billionaires – The Investors Podcast

Hosts Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen explore the investment strategies and philosophies of billionaires. What’s a better way to learn how to make more money than by studying billionaires, right?

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Through book reviews, interviews, and case studies, the podcast offers valuable insights for stock market enthusiasts. It is no doubt one of the most popular podcasts about the world of money.


2. Masters in Business

Bloomberg Opinion columnist, Barry Ritholtz, interviews influential people in finance, economics, and the stock market. No need to introduce Bloomberg. It is the top finance media in the world.

Its podcast has similar qualities. Masters in Business provides valuable perspectives on investing strategies, market trends, and the broader economy. 


3. Motley Fool Money

As a weekly podcast, Motley Fool Money covers the top business and investing stories. The show features interviews with best-selling authors, as well as discussions on stocks, market trends, and valuable tips for personal finance. This is a must-listen for finance enthusiasts. 


4. Investro Podcast

The financial markets are all about education and experience. Talking to industry professionals can thus enrich everyone on their journey to becoming financially literate, which is one of the core goals of Investro.

Guests of this podcast are experienced investors and traders. What better way to learn about financial markets than to hear the experienced ones talking? Try the Investro Podcast at the link below. 


5. The Indicator from Planet Money

This daily podcast by NPR offers short, insightful episodes on work, business, the economy, and the stock market. 

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The Indicator provides listeners with relevant data points and economic indicators that can impact investment decisions. It is without a doubt one of the most favourite podcasts in the world of finance.


6. InvestTalk

InvestTalk offers a mix of market news, financial advice, and expert insights. The show’s host, Steve Peasley, takes listener calls, helping people with their investment questions, making it interactive and educational. 

The experience with this podcast is much more original and authentic than other finance podcasts. 


7. Money For the Rest of Us

This podcast, hosted by investment expert, J. David Stein, covers a wide range of personal finance topics, including stock market investing. “Money For the Rest of Us” helps listeners make informed decisions about their financial future. 


8. Equity Mates

Equity Mates, hosted by Bryce Leske and Alec Renehan, demystifies the stock market for beginners. The podcast breaks down complex investing concepts into understandable terms, making it perfect for those looking to learn about the stock market. 


9. The Disciplined Investor

Hosted by Andrew Horowitz, The Disciplined Investor offers practical advice and expert insights on investing, the stock market, and personal finance. Through interviews with industry leaders, the podcast helps listeners improve their investment strategies and results. 


10. The Wall Street Lab

The Wall Street Lab, hosted by Leo Severino and Ron Bostwick, delves into the world of finance through interviews with industry professionals. Listeners gain insights on investing, trading, and the stock market from a range of expert perspectives.



Podcasts offer a wealth of information for individuals interested in the stock market. From expert interviews to in-depth analyses, these 10 outstanding podcasts cater to a range of interests and skill levels. 

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By tuning in regularly, listeners can stay informed about market trends, improve their investing strategies, and enhance their understanding of the financial world. 

Whether a seasoned investor or a beginner, anyone interested in the stock market can benefit from these informative and engaging audio programs. Happy listening!

I got into financial markets by accident in 2012 and started with Forex trading. Later in 2017, I started investing in stocks in cryptocurrencies and began writing articles profess...


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